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  • Nashville’s Guaranteed Next Big Star: Hunter Hayes

    These days, it is generally considered to be quite difficult to emerge as a new country music star in the United States. After all, many stars have been around for decades and are truly adorned by country music fans. As a result, new artists are often met with skepticism and must thus prove their worth [...]


  • Jake Owen’s Beach Nuptials And Upcoming Baby News

    Country music superstar Jake Owen is experiencing a year of truly remarkable moments. The 30-year-old singer and longtime girlfriend, Lacey Buchanan, were married on May 7, during a romantic beach ceremony, in the musician’s hometown of Vero Beach, Fla. With hits such as “Yee Haw” and “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” one would think Owen would [...]


  • “Pontoon”: Little Big Town’s First Number One Single

    Every year, Nashville artists strive to produce that special summer hit that keeps people singing all season long. This past year, the group Little Big Town won the sing-along competition with their first number one single, “Pontoon.” The perfect blend of melody and lyrics, the song evoked every great summertime theme: boats, barbecue, and beer. [...]


  • All About Blake Shelton’s Christmas CD

    Blake Shelton, a hit country artist, is going to be resealing a brand new Christmas album on October 2nd, 2012. The CD is called ‘Cheers it’s Christmas’ and features many new songs written by him, as well as some covers of traditional Christmas songs. The highly anticipated album also will feature an amazing duet with [...]


  • Top Selling Country Concerts Of 2012

    There are a lot of artists that are bringing their country sound all over the world. They have become big names that will sell tickets with ease. Taylor Swift is trying to cross over into the pop field, but she is still classified – on some charts – as a country artist. She is one, [...]


  • All The News On Jason Aldean’s Latest CD

    Jason Aldean is one of the hottest names in country music at this current point in time. His latest CD “Night Train” is set to come out October 16, 2012. He has a beautiful and romantic voice that makes men and women both jitter. Jason has a duet with Kelly Clarkson called “Don’t You Wanna [...]


  • Taylor Swift’s Many Number One Singles

    Taylor Swift has been hitting the pop charts with, well, one might say a “swiftness” that is unmatched. As soon as one single drops from number one she pops right back into the picture with another likable anthem for young girls to hold on to. Everyone wonders how she does it, but a lot of [...]


  • Newest Nashville Songs On The Charts

    The newest hits on the Nashville charts include some old and trusted artists as well as some up and comers. Some familiar names include Tim McGraw (Truck Yeah), Rascal Flatts (Come Wake Me Up) and Jason Aldean (Take A Little Ride). The favorite Carrie Underwood also makes an appearance on the chart yet again with [...]